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My Thai Tree Ants arrived on the 25th July 2007, and I quickly completed their free-standing formicarium.

The above image auto-refreshes every 3 or 4 seconds and is a live web-cam feed, showing my ants scurrying down their tree and eating honey from off the rock.

You may view my secondary webcam for a different view.

Note: Webcams are offline after about 10pm GMT / BST.

You may benefit from refreshing this page just once, to help display the live webcam image.

I am sorry to learn that in Internet Explorer 6, the above image is cut in half vertically. I use Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 7; perhaps you'd enjoy using Firefox to surf with?

I'm now a big fan of keeping ants, and proud to call myself a Myrmecologist.

My Photo Blog shows what I'm feeding my ants, and the Ant Facts section details what I have learned about Crematogaster Rogenhofer.

Ants encircling a drop of honey on their rock
Click the image to see more of my ants feeding on honey.


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Close up of two Crematogaster Rogenhoferi eating honey
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