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I started building my free-standing formicarium, and designed it to contain my ants using a petroleum barrier and an oil moat.

My Thai Tree ants arrived on the 25th of July 2007 and they were very active for the first 6 hours or so as they explored their habitat, with hundreds of ants tidying up.

Many winged ants (alates) were wandering around but thankfully not flying, and they seem to be dying.

The images below show my completed formicarium and my ants, as well as the construction of their habitat.

On the home page you can view my live ant-cam!

Alates (Winged, breeding ants)
Two Ants on Quartzite
Wet Grapes
Cat Food
Fly Progress
Two Flies - sharp focus
Ready for your close-up?
Swarming on a house-fly
Next Honey Trail
Honey Trail
Honey on the rocks
Air plant and honey drop.
Ants encircling a drop of honey.
My Free-standing formicarium.
Thai Tree ants going up and down their branch.
The nest.

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