I slice, tear and sculpt grapes into various states to intrigue my ants; here they are tucking into a torn grape half.

The exciting thing about this photo is it shows yet another body-type of my Crematogaster rogenhoferi ants!

Previously, I have explained how I feel there are three sizes of workers (as well as alates and queens) but today, I noticed two different gaster shapes.

The gaster is the abdomen, and on the picture above you can clearly see that the (very) large ant at the south of the grape has a ribbed gaster, wheras the majority of other abdomens appear smooth.

Crematogaster rogenhoferi are noted for their heart-shaped and banded gasters, but this startling shape difference is new to me, and I wish to make it known that this is the first time I have seen such phenotype differences on the abdomen of this species.

See a close-up of these gaster differences.

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