Crematogaster Rogenhoferi Morphology

This great close-up clearly shows the 'double waist' of the Two Petioles. Knowing whether an ant has one or two petioles helps greatly with their identification. C. rogenhoferi has a distinctive arrangement of petioles. If you can examine their waist in detail you may see that the second petiole is attached to the gaster in a unique manner, and is known as a post-petiole, and so distinguishes Crematogaster ants from other families. For a diagram of the post-petiole arrangement, see Australian Ants online.

Check out the Ant Morphology illustration.

Note that the heart-shaped or triangular Gaster is raised on this individual. She may have been bobbing her Gaster in a state of wariness, or she may have been holding it in the raised aggressive position due to the intrusion of the camera.

The ant above is what I call a Mid Worker - she is 5mm long perhaps, and has an average sized gaster. Read more about sizes.

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