Feeding Ants

Swarming Ants

My Thai tree ants love meat; here they are swarming over a fly.

Ants, in general are omnivorous, and some species hunt and eat a surprising variety of larger prey.

Some ants actually farm aphids, and milk them for the honey-dew they produce.

Some ants cultivate special fungus, working hard to provide the ideal growing conditions.

I cannot be certain what my Thai tree ants' (Crematogaster Rogenhoferi) natural diet is, as there is so little information available; the web turns up absolutely nothing about these fascinating tree dwellers.

Generally speaking, ants enjoy non-citrus fruit, honey, and eating various species of insects and grubs / bugs.

Foods to try:

  • Grapes;
  • Melon;
  • Apple;
  • Ant Jelly;
  • Squished flies, woodlice, spiders, grubs n bugs.

You need to provide a varied diet, so experiment and see what your ants like, but don't skimp on the meat, you may well need to go hunting frequently, or buy some insects for them!

Honey will keep your ants happy and busy for hours, but they need other things, and meat! Remember that sweet foods will make your ants thirsty, so have fresh water readily available at all times. A colony is at risk of dying from dehydration if you do not supply water.

My Photo Blog often shows how excited my Thai tree ants get when fed flies and squished bugs; if you think ants are a bit dull, or your colony 'stays home' for ages, then I suggest you get them some fresh meat, and see what happens!

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