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Great photos, biological info, and plenty of updates.


A beautiful website, and the content is always growing. Check out JaiKai's blog, and do join in on the forums.


This vibrant and up-to-date website had a lot of information and is professionally run.

in-depth articles and information on colony governance, and includes live web-cams, but unfortunately of those awful blue-gel 'NASA' style ant farms...

Buying Ants and Equipment


German based online store for colonies, queens, formicariums and everything you need to keep ants. Great international delivery service.

Martin Goss

A UK gentleman who's basic website offers a variety of ant queens throughout the year. Check his ordering process.

Cornish Crispa Co.

UK insect and amphibian online store, vivariums and ant colonies.


Marshall is improving his website currently, and incresing his stock. AntZone need to publish some further detailed Terms and Conditions regarding their service and delivery if they wish to be the UK answer to AntStore.

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Other Websites

The Civils Side of Life

Chris works in civil engineering and publishes a new picture every day, so that's 365 pictures to view! Chris is also an avid Star Wars Lego builder, and he quite likes his British beers too.


LifeSIGNS is the charitable organisation I set up in 2002; it is now a nationally recognised user-lead charity, that raises awareness about self-injury and provides much needed information, support and training.

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