Ant Videos

Secondary AntCam (live)

1: Swarming on a fly

My ants stream down their home branch and on to their 'feeding rock'.
Press play to view this little ant video.

2: Swarming behaviour

Another short video to show the swarming patterns my ants make when excited by the smell of meaty food.

Press play to view this little video.

3. Swarming on 2 flies

A short clip, clearer picture.

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Press play to view this little video.

The above image auto-refreshes every 6 seconds

To view my high-quality primary webcam, please view my home page.

Ant Videos

On the right you should see some little videos of my ants (Crematogaster Rogenhoferi) as they swarm over the meaty food I give them.

The videos should simply play when you hit the 'play' button.

I may share some 'YouTube' videos of other peoples' ants soon.

Below you can see my secondary AntCam - hopefully you have already seen my high-quality AntCam on my home page.

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